Monday, April 26, 2010


Four weeks and counting!

I bought my textbooks this week. Fifty-nine pounds of paper, ink, and shrinkwrap are weighing down my kitchen table. I bought everything new, since I hate the distraction of somebody else's highlighting and margin notes, but with some shopping around I managed to find prices that were not completely insane.

I'm fortunate to have a friend who works at a publisher and who offered to share her her employee discount. Getting half my books through her saved me a couple hundred dollars. The rest of the list came either from Amazon or direct from a few other publishers, at smaller but still useful discounts.

There's exactly one book I did not buy online. In defiance of all logic, it was cheaper at the campus bookstore than anywhere else.

Now that I have assembled this stack o' tomes I am resisting the impulse to sit down and start reading. I really want to get dug into the fascinating sciency stuff, but I have far too much still to accomplish before class starts. I've a long list of home repairs, family obligations, and spring cleaning tasks that all need to get done while I have the time. Reading can wait until it's mandatory.

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