Monday, May 24, 2010


Day One of school is complete. Fracking awesome.

Sure, I got up at 5, but I wasn't sleeping much anyway. I woke up about a dozen times overnight to check the clock. (Apparently my subconscious doesn't trust the alarm.) No rest, but also no need to rush out of the house in the morning. I got to campus more than an hour early.

Morning session was largely fluff. We were fed breakfast, listened to orientation, met the faculty, and had the obligatory campus tour. Most of that was just buildings. The simulation labs look like a lot of fun; they're full of complex medical equipment and weird animatronic dummies. I'll have to post more about them after I have some classes there.

At lunch break, I ate in a cafe that used to be a Lutheran chapel. I want to know the story behind that conversion.

After lunch, actual classes! And learning! And homework assignments! I think they tried to ease us in slowly, because the first class is about Health Care Communication. Slightly tougher stuff begins tomorrow. Then they stomp on the gas pedal and don't let up 'til graduation. My first set of midterms are two weeks away. Craziness! I have a Pharmacology exam in two weeks, and I don't know any pharmacology yet!

This is going to be difficult.
This is going to be so much fun.

If I ever complain about the workload, just remind me I asked for it.


  1. You know that I'll remind you that you asked for this. Also, that you wanted this and how good you will be at it.

  2. Good on ya. I'm hitting the pre-req's myself and will start an accelerated program NEXT fall (2011). An English major at present with a stint in the Web tech sector and finance/real estate. What nonsense all that was. Ready for a real career - glad to see someone else heard the call!

    good luck.