Saturday, May 29, 2010


This week I tried to meet as many of my new classmates as possible. Thus far they all seem like fun, interesting, and intelligent people. Our average age this year is 27, which means most of the class is younger than me, but that's fine. Everyone acts like adults, not your TV stereotype of college kids. Because this curriculum is designed as a second bachelor's degree, everyone has already been through college once and has some amount of life experience. I suppose no one would have applied for this, much less been accepted, unless they had a working brain and a certain level of self-possession.

I've already found a decent pack of friends to hang around with. I don't know that I would call it a study group yet, only because we have not had any exams to study for. The cliques mostly seem to have assembled based on similar outlook and sense of humor. A very few of us have gravitated together because we were already acquainted, from prereq classes we took at other schools.

Weirdly, though, it seems I have a reputation from one of those other classes. At the welcome breakfast on our first day, someone who knows me told a small crowd all about how I broke the grade curve in Microbiology. Then they brought it up again yesterday at lunch, to a different group. I sort of feel like I should be offended that they're telling stories about me, but it would be ridiculous to get upset just because they told people I'm smart.

That does make me glad none of our current classes are graded on a curve, though. This accelerated program is full of high-energy, type-A students. If they thought I was a threat to their GPA, I might be lucky to get out of there alive.

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