Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Less than two weeks until class starts and my posts become marginally more interesting!

I finished assembling my uniform today. This involved a bit of tailoring. Scrubs don't come in regular pants sizes with selectable waist and inseam. All you get is basic sizes-- small, medium, large, etc.-- and the men's sizes are all proportioned for stick figures. I'm not a particularly large guy, but the smallest size that would fit over my butt was waaay too long in the leg. I had to break out the straight pins and measuring tape and sewing machine, and think back to 7th grade Home Economics where they taught us how to sew a hem.

Finding decent shoes was more difficult. The school requires that shoes for clinicals are white leather, with no decoration or logo in any other color. That doesn't leave very many options. My other inflexible requirements were that they be: 1) men's shoes; 2) available in my size; 3) comfortable and supportive enough for eight-hour shifts of constant standing. If at all possible, I wanted them to be neither hideously expensive nor hideously ugly. I spent a couple of weeks shopping at websites, shoe stores, and uniform stores.

Eventually I found these Brooks sneakers. They're not any uglier than they have to be, and not so expensive that I will feel bad about trashing them in six months. I've added better insoles and a few coats of waterproofing spray, and I think I'm good to go.

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