Monday, June 14, 2010

One Down, Many To Go

Well. That wasn't so bad after all.

Our first set of midterms is done. On average they were about as difficult than I had expected, which means far less difficult than I had feared. In retrospect I think all that anxiety was a good thing, because it motivated me to spend a whole lot more time studying than I otherwise would have. That extra effort definitely raised my numbers.

My lowest score was an 86 in Pharmacology. That just barely makes a B, a very respectable grade which I will by no means complain about. However, I will say that right after finishing that exam, I thought I'd done a lot better. I had spent a lot of time making flash cards and re-reading my notes, and I really had a good grasp on the material. What tripped me up was grammar. A lot of the questions could seemingly be read in more than one way, and on every question where I had to guess, I picked wrong. (On further examination, the intended meanings are clear enough, and I couldn't honestly argue for more points.)

The grades on my other exams are higher. As of today I'm feeling very good about my prospects in the academic side of things.

Skills tests and the practicums have yet to start, but we'll burn that bridge when we get to it.

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