Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Great Start

School started up again yesterday! This semester I have six courses, three of them with clinicals attached. Let me predict right now that it's going to be one giant ball of fun. Or else a huge disaster. Or possibly a middle ground of some kind.

Yeah, definitely one of those three options.

I would have posted about it last night, but as soon as I got home I fell straight into bed. That's partly because it was a long day, but mostly because I let myself become dehydrated and overheated, thus demonstrating my own special talent for idiocy.

The schedule for day one was a little funky, and our normal afternoon class ended early. Most people were done for the day at that point. However on Monday nights I have an elective evening course, and the slack time in between was too short to bother going back home. So, a few classmates and I wandered around campus to take care of various administrivia. (For one example, I needed to buy a new parking pass. Necessary but boring.)

Now I, being an idiot, had decided not to eat anything since lunchtime. And, having failed to pay attention, I did not consider that I the only fluid I had consumed all day was a can of soda. The weather was ninety-ass degrees and sunny.

I felt fine until after we got back, when we were killing time in the lobby. After some time I realized I was having a little trouble tracking the conversations people were having around me, but I thought I was just tired from the long lectures and all the walking.

Then I stood up... and found myself sitting straight back down again, because I was suddenly dizzy and my vision had gone a little gray around the edges. It took a few seconds to recover.

My nearby classmates, noticing my precipitous return to the chair, pointed out that I was looking really pale. And when I started paying attention to how I felt physically, I became aware that my pulse rate was up, I was having more heart palpitations than usual, and despite the heat I had entirely stopped sweating.

I was a walking poster for of all the symptoms of mild dehydration. You'd think I would have noticed. Fortunately I wasn't in bad shape, only uncomfortable. After some drinks and a salty snack, and fifteen minutes, I had started sweating again (a good sign) and felt much better.

This was just in time for the start of that evening elective course: NRS 448 - Fluid & Electrolytes.

I'd call that a humorous irony if the whole thing hadn't given me such a big headache.

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  1. Nice. Good thing to get ill when surrounded by fellow nursing students!