Monday, October 18, 2010

Once More, With Feeling

Fall break is here at last. I could not have been more ready for it. I was in serious need of a long weekend without any looming deadlines.

With midterms finished, the semester is half over. This has interesting implications. The whole program is three semesters long, so if I'm done with 1.5 semesters, then I am halfway done with the degree.

I want to say that again.

I am halfway done!

Holy hell, you guys! I'm happy and proud of myself but part of my brain is just freaking right out at this idea.

Since May I've poured an moderately ridiculous amount of work and effort into this-- I don't even want to calculate how many hours. Being at the halfway point means I say to myself, "See those last six months? Go ahead and do all that one more time."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Two Down

I have finished my second clinical experience. That was intense! Most of my class still has clinicals through the middle of October, but my section finished earlier by doing longer shifts. So for the last month I've spent twenty-five hours per week in the hospital, on top of lectures, homework, and the beta clinical.

I'm knackered.

And I don't even get to rest this weekend, because I've got to write two papers and do a bunch of research for my public health project.

Fortunately, a lull approaches. Ending this clinical early means I have two days off next week, and right after that is fall break. Once I burn off the large sleep debt I've been carrying around, I'll get to recording some of the interesting stuff I saw in the hospital.