Monday, December 6, 2010

Finals Season

Wow, this whole "school" thing really just sucks your whole life in, doesn't it?

I'm in the middle of finals right now, and am taking a short break from the studying. My public health textbook is really quite awful, and since that exam is not until Wednesday, I choose not to ruin the rest of my night reading it.

Exams started this morning at 0800. Technically that wasn't a final yet, just the second of the "regular" tests in my Client Care course. This is a good thing. Exam #2, though it covered only half the course, was the most difficult one we've seen so far in the whole program. The final is comprehensive, meaning it covers twice as much material, so presumably will be a lot more difficult.

Then again, the difficulty wasn't really due to the material. After a weekend of studying I had all the facts and rationales solidly nailed down. What had me sweating was the question design. Of the three professors who share this course, one of them is quite good at writing intelligible test questions that have exactly one right answer each. The other two instructors... well, I'm told they have great clinical skills.

Fortunately, despite today's ridiculous difficulty (ridiciffulty?), I managed a pleasantly high score. Considering both tests and my clinical grade, I've got an A in the course. Since that comprehensive final is optional and I can't possibly raise my letter grade, I don't need to go anywhere near the final and I am calling this class DONE!

But there are three more to finish before winter break.
And miles to go before I sleep.

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