Sunday, March 27, 2011

Two Months And Counting

Holy crap you guys, I am nearly done with school.

The final semester is most of the way done and things are starting to wrap up. I have sat through my last classroom lecture, tomorrow morning I have the final for that course, and then it's just clinicals and assignments.

Let me rephrase that in a more appropriately melodramatic fashion. At this moment I have all the book knowledge I need to become a registered nurse. That's just such an intimidating concept, I think my brain may have scared itself.

The major visible thing that's left is the comprehensive clinical, also called the "capstone." That is six weeks in one department, working like my previous clinicals only a lot more so. By the time I'm done I should be able to take a handful of patients mostly on my own, with my preceptor looking over my shoulder-- where last summer it was the other way around.

Aside from that I have to write two papers, analyze a psych process recording, lead a discussion group, finish my community service project, and create an academic seminar presentation. I'll be busy but it's not a much heavier workload than I've been doing already.

Then, in less than two months from today, graduation! The end is in sight!

...and then NCLEX. The licensing exam. Devourer of nursing students. The beast that stalks our nightmares.

But I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.