Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I'm on my way to the East Coast to do disaster relief. Irene left a hell of a mess and the American Red Cross is on the ground to help.

I've been a Red Cross volunteer for a couple of years now. Up 'til now I have been doing local response-- I've worked dozens of house fires and a few local floods-- but this is my first assignment to deploy out of town as an RN.

Being called up for a national disaster is an interesting experience. After getting the phone call, I must start travelling within 24 hours. That woke me up pretty fast, because I knew I had a lot of stuff to do at home before running out to a two-week trip. Yet, for the deployment itself, I can't prepare all that much, because I don't know where I'll be assigned or which kind of disaster nursing I'll be doing.

I have a flight to the in-state airport, I have the address of HQ, and I have a way to get from one to the other. I'll figure out the rest of the details once I hit the ground.


  1. hey friend, good luck.

    how does this affect your new job? will it?

    be safe, be healthy, share your spirit. loves you.

  2. This won't overlap with the new job at all. My deployment is for two weeks, and hospital orientation isn't until after I return.