Friday, September 2, 2011

Irene Day 2: Short Update

It's been a busy couple of days. However it's been all travel and logistics, which don't make for riveting stories.

Getting everyone on site has been a headache for the transport people. Air schedules are still so disrupted that a few nurse teams had to fly into DC or Baltimore, and come the rest of the way by car. I was blessed by the travel gods and scored a flight to LGA, and I beat rush hour traffic out of the city on my way to HQ in White Plains.

After that plus in-processing and orientation, it was already too late in the day for me to get a shelter assigment. I finished the afternoon helping to find and assemble supplies. I made runs to the local ARC chapter house and the one in Greenwich to pick up nursing bags from very friendly, unbelievably busy people.

Spent last night in an employee bunkhouse. This one happens to be in cabins donated by a wilderness camp in Carmel. It's up in the woods of the Catskills, a really gorgeous area on a small lake, far enough into the country that I could see the Milky Way in the night sky. The scenery made up for having to share a cabin with a dozen other people. I'm bummed that it was too dark for my phone camera to get any pictures.

This morning, I was one of several nurses tasked with work in the Albany area. So we made the necessary requisitions, piled into vehicles and travelled up here. Now we've got actual assignments, and that's really exciting. Unless something changes overnight, tomorrow I'll go on duty at a shelter and do real work as a disaster nurse. (Actually a lot will definitely change overnight. The situation is fluid. But it's more than likely that this one shelter will still need me.)

Staying the night nearer Albany. Not as pretty, this place, but there are fewer roommates. Somebody in here probably still snores though.

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