Thursday, September 15, 2011

Irene Day 15: Out

Albany HQ is closing. The need for ARC services in this region has reached a level the local chapters can handle. Many of the national volunteers from here are relocating to Binghamton, where the urgent and immediate needs are still great.

When I got here the control center was always jammed with people, and so loud you had to walk outside to take a phone call. Right now I count six people in the room. The quiet is almost spooky. By tomorrow, they will have moved out the computers and rearranged the tables, and the war room will have transformed back into the chapter's CPR classroom.

My day was slow. I had only two followup calls to go out on. We also had a meeting with some local nurses and ARC personnel who will be taking over Health Services duties here. I spent the rest of my day inventorying the shelter health kits (which are enormous wheeled duffels with the unfortunate nickname "body bags") and finishing my outprocessing paperwork.

I fly out in the morning.

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