Monday, September 19, 2011

Suddenly, Lungs!

Started my new job at the hospital today. This week is all orientation and some redundant computer training, but clinical work should start next week.

It turns out I didn't get the ED slot I tried for. My initial placement is instead going to be on pulmonary med/surg.

If I'd had a choice, I would probably have put pulmonary at the very bottom of my preferences list, just because I know there will be lots of patients with tracheostomies. Out of everything I did in clinicals, trach care was the only thing that ever grossed me out. (It's something about the suctioning.)

I expect I will shift around and look at fellowship openings on other floors. But who knows? I might find out I like the lung unit. In any case I'm sure I'll learn a lot, because the patients are high acuity and have lots of varied problems. If I stay there long I'll be awesome at airway management.

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