Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tectonic Shift

I've quit my job.

This is kind of a bummer because I loved working in the critical care unit. The work there is interesting and challenging, the place is staffed by a well-knit team of some of the best nurses in the world, and I was at last feeling very comfortable about my clinical skills. Quitting wasn't because of any problem there.

It is for a good reason, though. I'm moving!

My other half has landed a fantastic new job, more than attractive enough to lure her out of town, and of course I followed. We've now moved from Large Midwestern City, and have settled in Other Midwestern City. It's much too far to commute, which meant I had to leave that hospital. My coworkers signed a nice card and threw a small party on my last weekend.

Fortunately, the nursing shortage seems to be alive and well in some places, because I've already found my job in the new city: I'm going to be an ER nurse.

This ER isn't the same as the trauma center where I did clinicals during school. It's very busy (most of the time) and is equipped to deal with any kind of emergency, but the sickest folks wind up at bigger hospitals, so I'll generally be seeing much lower acuity patients. I'm hoping this situation will work out well for me. Having "lighter", more stable patients should give me time to re-gear my brain for the ER pace and the ER job, without having to learn lots of new pathophysiology or case care principles at the same time. And when, once in a blue moon, a patient comes in with septic shock or an acute heart attack or something, I'll be able to handle that too, because I've had experience with those situations up in critical care.

I'm really very excited about the whole deal.

The new job starts sometime next month. Once it does, I expect I'll have a lot of interesting stuff to write about. Until then I plan to take full advantage of my time off.

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