Monday, June 11, 2012


Day One of the new job just finished!

This was new employee orientation, which seems to be much the same in every industry. It was a long run of mission statements, benefits information, parking passes, and other administrivia. I lost track of how many different HR people came to speak with us. We also got short presentations from people in pastoral care, the security department, ethics & compliance, and a couple of other departments along the way, but mostly, it was HR people with PowerPoint and paperwork.

Today's stuff was for new hires in general, from all departments, from nurses and techs to pastors and environmental services. Nursing orientation begins tomorrow. That's where they teach and test our clinical skills, like how to correctly operate their blood glucose meter, or how to place an IV with their chosen brand of catheters and supplies. Somewhere in there will also be a test on drug information and calculation.

The testing does not worry me in the slightest. After working nine months in the state's best critical care unit, I've got all my basic skills nailed down hard. I'm more worried about avoiding hypothermia in their too-aggressively air-conditioned conference room.

More posts will follow, assuming I don't get frostbite in my typing fingers.

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