Monday, June 22, 2015

Unclear On The Concept

One of my patients this weekend had special requirements before he would consent to be treated or admitted to the hospital. He instructed me at great length about all the difficulties of being a strict vegan, who will not eat or use any animal products of any kind, and how that will impact his care.

As we prepared to close his wound, he asked to see the label on the suture kit to make sure we weren't using silk thread. He also asked to read the ingredients on the antibiotic ointment to make sure it didn't contain lanolin. Later he had me call the food service department, on speakerphone, to confirm that our vegan meals are separately prepared and cannot cross-contaminate with any animal products.

He insisted we write in his chart that he will immediately sign out AMA and leave the hospital if his care products or meal tray were to contain anything at all non-vegan.

After all that was settled and documented, he asked for "a cup of coffee with 2% milk."